Since 2000, Crown Exports (Singapore) Pte Ltd has been successfully serving the metals industry with its' strong fundamentals in trading and commitment to integrity. Crown Exports is a dynamic company with a core focus on non-ferrous metals of LME registered origin.

Over the years, Crown Exports has developed a strong alliance with consumers and producers alike, playing a key role in the over all supply chain cycle. We aim to help our trade partners achieve optimum prices in their day to day business with the careful use of market instruments, hedging strategies and logistical acumen such as to create a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Located in Singapore; Crown Exports has the advantage of being favourably positioned at the heart of the East-West trade route. With a strong combination of generous economic policies and a very dependable banking environment; along with a secure government, Singapore is a haven for businesses to operate on the global stage.

Crown Exports has accomplished much over the years, and is proud of the services that it provides to its customers. We believe that we are a part of your business and so always ensure to give you the best possible service so that we may all grow together. This philosophy of ours has served us well to develop the long-term relationships that are the building blocks of our core business.

Crown Exports (S) Pte Ltd.